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Thursday, June 14, 2012

You'll Never Beat the Irish (fans)

The Boys in Green, today, were outplayed & outclassed by a country mile by a rampant Spainsh side, who ended up humiliating the Irish 4-0. Ireland had little in way of posession, only a couple of decent scoring chances & looked completely disspirited on the pitch, putting in a limp 2nd half effort. However, i'm not in the least bit disappointed about the performance, not one bit.

In spite of the scoreline, any Irish supporter cheering on the boys, whether in Poznan or in the local pub & all points in between, came away feeling as if they were on top of the world, no matter how poor the team, now matter how much that wanker Roy Keane crapped in everyone's cereal.

I give you 6 glorious minutes of the Irish fans in Poznan pouring their hearts out, sing Fields of Athenry

I found it hard not to get emotional watching the video. Those fans showed the whole world what exactly a true fan is supposed to be. Loyal, passionate, proud to the very end. It encapsulated what makes the Irish what they are. They'd still be singing this even if Spain scored 400. These are glory hunters, bandwagon jumpers or fair weather fans, unlike the English supporters, many of whom stayed home & those who were in Ukraine to see the 3 Lions behaved as though they were in a library. Bottom line, it's not always about getting a result, but rather showing up & declaring your pride & support in who you are & what you believe in.

You'll never beat the Irish. The famous old statement can't be applied to the national soccer team, but by God no other country's supporters will rival  Ireland's.

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