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Thursday, June 07, 2012

An introduction

Top of the day & welcome to Bluenose Red, yours truly's soccer blog. Some of you know me from Twitter opining on my favourite sides, which you can clearly see from the links on my page who they are, in a manner ranging from the thoughtful to the smartass. So why the blog? Well I love soccer & talking about it & I also enjoy writing, always have. I used to have a blog on politics back in the day but time constraints & a reduced level of tolerance for all the bullshit the comes along with the political racket caused me to give it up. The writing urge, however, has returned & so Bluenose Red has taken life & what better time to begin things here than on the cusp of Euro 2012.

 So a couple things

 - As you can see I am not exactly a web designer extraordinaire here, I fully concede that the quality of the layout is far from top notch so please pay no mind to it. If you have some ideas on how to improve things let me know. Am more than happy to accept help in this area.

 - I would appreciate getting a link on your respective sites & blogs if you so have one. Publicity is what will ultimately sustain this blog, if you provide me with a link, I am more than happy return the favour.

 So that's about it, thanks for stopping


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