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Thursday, June 28, 2012

TFC vs Montreal Recap

Overview: A win! a glorious win!! & a win away from the friendly confines of BMO no less. TFC were almost unrecognizable last nite as they laid a comprehensive beatdown on the Impact 3-0 at Saputo Stadium in their 4th meeting of the season. The match further illustrated the belief of Reds' fans that this was not a 1-9 team, but a team capable of being, at a minimum, the MLS equivalent of a mid-table side.

What went Right: Well what didn't go right last night? Just about everything that could of, did. Those who showed good form since the regime change at BMO, continued it last night. Another stellar games from Messrs. Johnson, Koevermans, scorers of 2 of TFC's 3 goals & Ashtone Morgan, again, dangerous in attack, setting up the Koef with yet another fine cross into the box. Though, it does have to be said, Montreal's defence seemed to have channeled the inner TFC, as they were quite shambolic in defending it. Whatever Mariner has done, whether it is a change in tactics, instilling confidence in his charges, a deal with the devil..., has worked like magic the offence is firing on all cylinders & will need to be, given the Red's next opponents are the Red Bulls Saturday night.

What should be highlighted the most is the play of the much maligned defence. many, myself included, have been aggreived to no end about the piss poor play of the backline, not just recently, but indeed all season long. Last night's clean sheet was, for me, the most satisfying aspect of the victory. This was in spite of it, once again, being a ramshackle grouping of RB Richard Eckersley playing centrally, partnering with the defender formally known as Sideshow Logan, & Jeremy Hall playing out wide right, whom was subbed off at the half after getting kicked in the face by Hassoun Camara. They did nothing spectacular, keeping themselves organized & compact, & effective cleared their lines, which enabled 'keeper Milos Kocic to earn a overdue & much deserved clean sheet.

What Was Even Better: Pity Joey Saputo. Sure, most TFC would take him over the faceless bureaucrats that oversee the team & how they can screw us out of our hard earned money, though it doesn't change the fact that the guy is f'n clown shoes. His reaction on Twitter last night was not unlike a baby who didn't get his bottle on time.

Priceless, guess you could say he was rather cheesed off by the turn of events last night. Wah wah waaaahhh

Man of the Match: Oh captain, my captain. I was worried about his level of fatigue going into the game last night, but Torsten Frings was massive. He earned every dime of his DP paycheck, bossing the midfield, alongside JDG, effectively shutting down a lively & dangerous midfield. Bernier, Warner, & the dangerous Felipe did jack squat, unable to link up & provide service to the Cheeseballs new acquisition, Italian forward Marco Di Vaio, who saw little of the ball for the 55 minutes he was on the pitch in his debut. Add to that, Frings scored his 1st MLS goal on a terrific free kick that went into the top corner of Donovan Ricketts' net, who never had a hope of stopping the shot. A perfect night from our leader

Bottom Line: Just as quickly as fans jumped off the Toronto FC bandwagon, there wll be a stampede to hop back aboard it . Next game will not be easy, though. Going up against a New York side boasting an offence lead by Kenny Cooper, 2nd in league scoring, & that cheating rat bastard Thierry Henry, will pose a daunting challenge for the boys Saturday night. Not many will expect a result, but TFC are in a peculiar position at the moment, they are a team in form & in a positive state of mind. If I were Hans Backe, i'd get henry to start practicing his handballs.

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