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Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Real Prick Move

A Real Prick Move

Canada has gotten off to a fine start in the current round of World Cup Qualifying taking 4 points from their first 2 games, keeping a clean sheet in both outings & aside from the inability to finish their chances on offence, long suffering Canadian supporters have reason to be optimistic about the chances of the men's team for the first time in over a decade. However, this is Canada after all, just when you think the Men's National Team was perhaps taking a turn for the better, the rug ended up getting pulled from underneath the feet of the players, coaches & ,of course, all of us aforementioned long suffering supporters. Cue one Jonathan De Guzman:

Canadian soccer fans are used to this. Players who, by any sensible measure, should be donning red insead succumbing to delusions of grandeur & deeming our little national team, too small time, too unworthy, for them to bless it with their talents & deciding to find a bigger nation to play for that is fitting of their stature. What has happened this go around, chapter #5685 I do believe, comes as a massive sucker punch.

Now up until now, i've tended to defend JDG2 & what had been assumed until Tuesday night, his decision 4 years ago to pursue an opportunity to represent Holland internationally over Canada. He left home to join Feyenoord's at age 13, leaving behind his family, friends & familiar envirions to pursue ahis dream of being a professional soccer player. In the 7 years he lived there he obviously developed a connection to the country & thus made his decision. If he had left things with Canada like they were then, quite frankly, we'd have very little to complain about. Let us not forget that Canada has also benefitted from the talents of players from abroad, among them are current players Milan Borjan, Pedro Pacheco & Marcel De Jong, whose connections to Canada pale in comparison to their countries of origin. If it's okay for Canada to take advantage of the talents of thinly veiled mercenaries to better the quality of the national side, we have to accept the times when our own bolt for what they perceive to be greener pastures.

However the gates to JDG2's greener pasture has remained firmly locked. While representing the Dutch at youth level, the senior team has shown no interest in calling him into the squad. So cue the stories of the wayward son returning to the fold. Big brother Julian let the cat out of the bag that JDG2 was pursuing efforts to restore his Canadian citizenship he had to forfeit in order to get a EU passport to make it easier for him to suit up for a European club. Stephen Hart & the CSA had been in regular contact with JSG2 & relevant government officials in order to make this happen. Not to mention Julian providing periodic updates to all concerned about how things were coming along.

Then Tuesday night De Guzman said in an interview with James Sharman that none of this was true, none of it ever happened, that this was basically one giant psych out, & that he is, was & always will be committed to the Dutch cause & has no intetion whatsoever of ever playing for the country of his birth.
My fat hairy ass this wasn't true. Someone here is lying. Was it Stephen Hart saying that he had been in touch with JDG 2 on a number of occasions about his international future & saying to the press that he was working to make this come to fruition? Were the CSA yanking Immigration officials in trying to help Jonathan regain his passport? Was it Julian? Was he just spinning tall tales, just filling up the lot of us with false hope for kicks? For me the answer is none of the above.

This is a case of an deceitful, opportunistic weasel, who used the manager & the CSA to further his own personal agenda here. As well ,let's remember that he also made a complete ass out of his brother. I do not believe for one minute that Julian would ever gone around talking up his little brother's desire to return home were it not genuine. He knows full well what it would have meant to all of us fans to have JDG2 play for the nation team, as he would become the best player Canada had in its lineup  & that the chances of going to Brazil in 2 years time would receive a major shot in the arm.

If this is the calibre of human being Jonathan de Guzman is, then Canada is better off. I'd rather support a team full of work horses who may not posess dazzling ability but put in an honest effort  game in & game out and, much more importantly, take pride in playing for the country, rather than one extremely talented racehorse who is rotten to the core. So Jonathan all I can say is I kindly wncourage you to self-fornicate with a sharp stick. Also, you might as well tell you boy Hoilett to stop beating around the bush & declare his desire to play for England & stop jerking us around.

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