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Friday, June 29, 2012

Comparing & Contrasting Winter & Mariner

To those Toronto FC fans who still doubt the wisdom of dumping Aron Winter for Paul Mariner, allow me to illustrate how beneficial the coaching change has been for the Reds:

Under Winter:

10 League Games: 1W 9L 0D 3 pts 8GF 21 GA -13 GD

       Under Mariner


4 League Games:   1W 1L 2D 5 pts 8 GF 7  GA +1 GD

So in the 4 matches since the coaching change, TFC have more points than they did before Winter was sacked, & scored as many goals. Also notable is that, despite the late game collapses, the average goals conceded per game is lower under Mariner- 1.75 versus 2.1 under Winter, a former defender/holding midfielder.

Say what you want about how Mariner came to be in charge, & despite considering myself to be a full fledged member of Team Mariner, I concede that the relevant events, probably, don't fully pass the smell test, you cannot deny these results. Yes, there is still much work to be done, especially with regards to the leaky back line, but I think it can be said that we are seeing the progress we've all been hungry for from our club.

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