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Sunday, July 01, 2012

Landycakes leaving LaLaLand?

The questions have been asked for some time now, will Landon Dononvan ever leave MLS for a bigger stage in Europe, specifically a full time move to the bad guys of Merseyside, Everton, where he's twice starred on loan during the MLS off-season.

Will there's certainly been grist for that mill lately. First off, it's been widely reported that he has put his 4 million bachelor pad in Manhattan Beach up for sale. Now many people may ask "what's the big deal?" Landycakes putting his place on the market, BFD" Well true, but as has been pointed out by the ever reliable MLS Rumors, Ruud Gullit put his house up for sale & a short while later, the guy was canned from has brief, but disasterous tenure as Galaxy manager. These real estate transactions are often a harbinger of things to come. Though, from the looks of the place, I cannot understand how anybody could ever give up all that to move to Merseyside to play for the Toffees. It's not worth it, that's for damn sure

Secondly have been the persistent rumours of the arrival to the HDC of yet another DP for Los Angeles. Everyone from Alex Del Piero, to Clarence Seedorf (although he's just signed with Botafogo in Brazil) & now the latest rumour is a resurrected one linking the Galaxy with Frank Lampard. Now unless the league twists the rules again to accomodate the whims of AEG & Goldenballs which isn't too far-fetched if we were to go on past experiences, one of the DP's have to go. Becks, we know, ain't going nowhere anytime soon, that's for sure & there have been no credible reports in regard to a return to England for Robbie Keane, so that leaves Donovan.

I for one think, that should Donovan wish to leave for a chance to be a full time regular for an EPL club, even if it's only for the likes of rinky dink, little Everton, then MLS & the Galaxy should do absolutely nothing to deter him & allow Landon to pursue this dream. Much as many of us, especially those of us who are TFC fans, enjoy taking the piss out of good ol' Landycakes,  no one can deny how beneficial his contributions to MLS have been. He's been the American face of the league for the better part of a decade & the greatest player in its history. Enough can't be said about how much Landon has done much to boost MLS's profile & reputation at home & abroad. Being a transcendent figure for a still growing league, cracking in the mainstream sporting consciousness at home & an apostle of North American soccer abroad, it had been critical for MLS to keep their goldenboy at home & happy.

Can Landycakes be kept at home any longer, though? I believe he has done more than his fair share in building the sport over here & if he wishes to leave & head to the Premier League permanently, then Landon Donovan should be allowed to go, & with all our appreciation & respect for all he has done.